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Why MindBody Physio? How can it help me?

MindBody Physio is about more than just treating symptoms.

I believe it's essential to address the root causes that contribute to problems developing in the first place, to make sure symptoms don't keep coming back.

In my experience, these root causes reside in 3 key areas: Our mind, body and our environment.

By considering these areas holistically it reduces stress on your body, promotes healing and helps resolve your problem for good.

The power of the mind-body link

In the last decade, science has confirmed what many people have known for centuries - our mind and body are so closely linked and directly influence each other. Our thoughts, beliefs, mindset and subconscious patterns (many of which were programmed in childhood) can have a huge impact on our body and how it feels.

Our minds can be a valuable asset when healing physical symptoms and preventing problems developing in the first place. I believe it’s is a missed opportunity to not harness the power of the mind for physical healing and optimal health.

The results can be remarkable and I love using the techniques favoured by some of the world’s most successful people and top athletes to help people get better and feel great.

How can it help me?

This unique approach to rehabilitation uses extensive knowledge of the human body and mind-body medicine to get you the best results. If you value your health and want to be symptom free for good, you're in the right place.

Available online and face to face, with as much or little support as you need, you'll soon be feeling great again, back to doing what you love and feeling confident your symptoms are gone for good.

Nyali Muir

Nyali Muir

Treatments with Jennie are an essential investment in priceless results. If you’re serious about wanting to thrive I can’t rate Jennie highly enough. 

Matt Cox

Matt Cox

After an ankle injury playing rugby, Jennie helped me rehab it so I could play again. I’d recommend Jennie to anyone wanting to get back to sport after an injury.

Avril Cassells Testimonial

Avril Cassells

I hurt my back when I fell showjumping. Jennie helped me keep working as it healed and with treatment, my back pain settled. I was soon back showjumping with no issues.


Mum of Charlotte, age 10

Charlotte broke her foot and wouldn't let anyone touch it or move it after her cast was removed. After seeing Jennie she was back to gymnastics 2 weeks later and her smiley, chatty self again. Thank you Jennie! 

My priority is getting you the best results. I am happy to work closely with your health care team to support you on your healing journey so you can get on living your life and doing what you love.

Want to take your healing to an even deeper level?

Why not try a Transformative Treatment?

An amazingly deep and powerful technique inspired by my own healing journey, incorporating hands on therapy with modern psychology allowing huge healing shifts to take place in just a single session.

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