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What is MindBody Physio? How can it help you?
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Expert physiotherapy services providing a unique approach to rehabilitation helping people with injury, illness and pain feel great again. This holistic approach treats your symptoms and their root causes to reduce stress on your body, promote healing and resolve your problem for good using extensive knowledge of the human body and mind-body medicine.

You will be fully supported on your journey back to health, fitness and happiness so you can feel great again and get back to doing what you love.

Nyali Muir

Nyali Muir

Treatments with Jennie are an essential investment in priceless results. If you’re serious about wanting to thrive I can’t rate Jennie highly enough. 

Matt Cox

Matt Cox

After an ankle injury playing rugby, Jennie helped me rehab it so I could play again. I’d recommend Jennie to anyone wanting to get back to sport after an injury.

Avril Cassells Testimonial

Avril Cassells

I hurt my back when I fell showjumping. Jennie helped me keep working as it healed and with treatment, my back pain settled. I was soon back showjumping with no issues.


Mum of Charlotte, age 10

Charlotte broke her foot and wouldn't let anyone touch it or move it after her cast was removed. After seeing Jennie she was back to gymnastics 2 weeks later and her smiley, chatty self again. Thank you Jennie! 

My priority is getting you the best results. I am happy to work closely with your health care team to support you on your healing journey so you can get on living your life and doing what you love to do

Want to take your healing to an even deeper level?

Why not try a Transformative Treatment?

An amazingly deep and powerful technique inspired by my own healing journey, incorporating hands on therapy with modern psychology allowing huge healing shifts to take place in just a single session.

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