About Me

Hi, I’m Jennie Wilkinson,

Founder of MindBody Physio, Chartered Physiotherapist and Accredited Journey Practitioner.


I specialise in helping people with injury, illness and pain feel great again.

The human body is amazing - it's healing itself all the time and is designed to be tough - it's not meant to break easily. But, if it's struggling to heal and suffering with injury, illness or pain, it sometimes needs extra help to get better.

I believe there are three areas important for recovery - our mind, body and environment. By addressing any areas that may be limiting healing, you give your body the best chance to heal and repair itself, as its designed to.

Getting through times of injury, illness and pain can be an opportunity to address what we really want and need in our lives so that we move forward in a better place than we were before.

Here's more about me if you’re interested.

Avril Cassells

Avril Cassells

"I hurt my back when I fell showjumping. Jennie helped me keep working as it healed and with treatment my back pain settled. I was soon back showjumping with no issues."

Matt Cox

Matt Cox

"After an ankle injury playing rugby, Jennie helped me rehab it so I could play again. I'd recommend Jennie to anyone wanting to get back to sport after an injury."

Nyali profile pic

Nyali Muir

"Treatments with Jennie are an essential investment in priceless results. If you're serious about wanting to thrive, I can't rate Jennie highly enough."


Mum of Charlotte, age 10

"Charlotte broke her foot and wouldn't let anyone touch it or move it after her cast was removed. After seeing Jennie she was back to gymnastics 2 weeks later and her smiley, chatty self again. Thank you Jennie!"

Jennie Wilkinson

Early Career

I qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2009 after completing my degree at Coventry University.

After qualifying I started my career in the NHS, completing my Band 5 rotations across a range of MSK and rehabilitation settings, developing my skills and learning from a huge range of highly experienced physios and other health professionals.

Alongside my NHS roles I worked in rugby union at club and district level, delivering pitch side care and rehab to rugby players.

Relocating to Colchester

Having lived and worked in the Midlands my whole life, I moved to Colchester at the end of 2012 with my husband who was in the military.

I was quickly promoted in the local MSK department and began in depth training in paediatric MSK physiotherapy, working closely with orthopaedic consultants and highly specialist paediatric health professionals, working my way up to Band 7 Physiotherapist.

I continued working with rugby players, both adults and children, alongside my NHS role.

Outside work I have always had a love for horses and enjoyed eventing but this was replaced with a love for HIIT training and Crossfit when I moved to Colchester without any horses.

My World Turned Upside Down

My career was thriving, I was newly married, loving living in Colchester and fitter and stronger than I had ever been, but the path I thought I was on came to a grinding halt.

I had an accident whilst cycling and sustained a head injury that left me dizzy, sick, off balance and really struggling to function.

My road to recovery was a lot slower than I wanted and I was desperate to try anything that might help.

I came across The Journey, the work of Brandon Bay’s and although it felt strange to me, unlike anything I had come across before, I knew I had to give it a try. I had nothing to lose.

It opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at healing and living and made me feel like I had some control and ownership over my health and my symptoms again.

I can honestly say it transformed my life. I wasn’t sure I even knew how to feel before. I just stuffed everything down and got on with things, usually at a million miles an hour.

I now realise this was a distraction technique and a coping strategy I had been using.

My Own Healing Journey

I fell so in love with the work I completed the Practitioner Programme to help my healing journey and along the way, my symptoms improved but I also realised it felt like I had found a missing piece of the puzzle that could help my clients.

Many times in my physio practice, I’d worked with people who had physical symptoms without a clear physical cause.

My physiotherapy training had given me little to help people with emotional pain, stress, unhappiness or unfulfillment.

The Journey complemented my physio skills in a beautiful way and I started to experiment combining both sets of skills.

The results have been remarkable.

You can read more about my own healing journey here.

Life Now

I now work part time in the NHS, having just been recognised for 10 years service, and balance this with parenting my two young children and my private practice.

I have recently relocated back to the Midlands to enjoy normal ‘civilian’ family life now my husband is no longer serving.

Outside work I love exercising regularly, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

I love my work and my life. I find it such a privilege to partner people on their healing journey and I’d love to connect to see how I could help you.