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Pain Relief

Hate taking medication? Fed up of treatments that just mask your pain?

Want your problem to go away for good?

This specialist approach tackles the root causes of your pain, resolving it for good.

Using in-depth knowledge of the human body and mind-body medicine to uncover and clear any physical, emotional and subconscious blocks to recovery, you can experience real, lasting change in your body.

Why do I have pain?

There are different types of pain. Acute pain is a warning which protects us. It is vital we respect and listen to this as it keeps us safe. Chronic pain on the other hand, is not useful. We get chronic pain as a result of our nervous systems becoming hypersensitive. To get rid of pain we need to re-train and de-sensitise our nervous systems. But first, we need to take time to listen to our bodies. Physical symptoms are usually a sign that something isn’t quite right in our bodies. What is your pain trying to tell you?

I’ve found the most effective way to help you reduce your chronic pain is by embracing a combination of scientifically supported treatment techniques and using the power of the mind to desensitise the nervous system, rebalance your life and support you on your journey to a pain free, happy life.
Some of the treatment techniques available to support you to a pain free life:



It may seem counterintuitive to encourage more movement when you’re already in pain but science and years of clinical experience have shown regular movement is one of the best ways to reduce and even resolve your pain.

Corrective exercises are hugely successful in retaining altered movement patterns and desensitising the nervous system so, over time, you feel less pain.


Manual Therapy

Expert application of a host of hands on treatment techniques to the muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons and joints of your body to reduce your symptoms and enhance recovery.

You will be able to feel immediate benefits such as reduced pain and reduced stiffness. As part of your individually tailored treatment plan, these treatments can really speed up your recovery.


Optimising your body's healing response

A holistic approach to identifying and addressing all the factors suppressing your body’s natural healing response and slowing down your recovery.

There are so many factors that disrupt our body’s natural ability to heal such as toxins and chemicals from our environments, stress, poor diet and poor sleep. You will be fully supported to take simple steps to minimise these so you make a quicker recovery.


Immediate Symptom Relief

Try these techniques to immediately reduce your pain.

  • Heat
  • Affirmations
  • Guided visualisation
  • Try magnesium based products such as Epsom Salt bath or MSM gel
  • Heat lotion
  • Cold compress or cold spray/gel
  • Pain relief as recommended by GP or Pharmacist
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication
  • Compression
  • Massage

Using the mind to reduce pain

Our minds are very powerful allies to have when dealing with pain. Science has shown using specific exercises for the mind is more effective in reducing pain than taking painkillers.

Heard of the placebo effect? This highlights the powers of our minds to create change in our bodies.

If you want to uncover and clear any blocks to living a pain free life the Journey method can really help. Find out more about The Journey here.

If you love hands on therapy why not try a Transformative Treatment?



This well known treatment from Ancient Chinese medicine is scientifically proven to stimulate the brain and nervous system to release chemicals that reduce pain, promote sleep and generally wellbeing.

It can be used as part of your physiotherapy treatment to assist your body’s healing processes.