The Journey

Are you fed up with your symptoms holding you back?

Are you desperate for relief so you can get on with your life?

Gently and effectively expose and clear the root causes of your poor health with a unique approach to rehabilitation so that you can get rid of them for good.
Using in-depth knowledge of the human body and mind-body medicine to uncover and clear physical, emotional and subconscious blocks to recovery, your symptoms can improve quickly.

What is it?

The Journey is a gentle, deep and powerful healing technique that allows you to access and clear any blocks to recovery and any emotional root causes so that you can get rid of your symptoms for good.

Based on the pioneering work of Brandon Bays and an ever growing base of scientific support, we know that when we suppress strong emotions and don’t allow them to come up and out, it changes the biochemistry of the cells in our bodies.

Just have a quick think how many emotions come up for us when we are in pain or have an injury... What’s come up for you? Frustration? Anger? Disappointment? Worry?

These get stored in our cells if we don’t handle them effectively and then, when these cells replicate, they pass the altered biochemistry onto the next generation of cells, and the next, and so on…

If the altered biochemical changes in the cells are not cleared, over time we can develop symptoms such as pain, illness and even disease.

Our bodies are amazing and have an in built healing response. Did you know our eye cells take only two days to replicate? So every two days the cells of your eye are brand new. Pretty amazing! But sometimes this healing response gets disrupted.

We know liver cells replicate in just six weeks. So how does someone with liver cancer in January still have liver cancer in June? A whole, brand new liver that is still diseased. What’s gone wrong?

It’s because each new cell is an exact replication of its parent cell. In order to heal, the cells need to heal themselves – something the body knows how to do automatically. But…

Our bodies can only heal themselves when we are in a relaxed state. As soon as we’re stressed, frightened or angry, the body goes into its natural fight, flight or freeze response. This means it’s natural ability to heal is put on hold.

The Journey method provides a safe, effective way to empty out all the stored pain from our cells so that they can be healthy again.

How can it help me?

The Journey has helped thousands of people across the world to heal emotionally and physically. To help me better answer this question for you, I have reflected on my own healing journey following a head injury I sustained in 2013.

You can read more here about how this incredible healing method helped me on my own journey back to health.

Here are just some of the ways The Journey can help you heal:

  • It will guide you to handle your emotions in a healthy, really easy way so that you don’t keep storing more trauma in your cells. We know emotions are simply chemicals in the bloodstream. When we give them permission to be here, these chemicals quickly get burned off by the body. They only get stored in our cells when we suppress our feelings.
  • You’ll have so much more energy when you’re not wasting it by stuffing emotions down. It takes a lot of effort to keep up the ‘I’m fine’ veneer. Your body can use this extra energy to heal and do what you enjoy!
  • It can be empowering to no longer being a victim to poor health, playing the waiting game to get better or putting your life on hold. You will finally feel like you have a say over how your body feels again.
  • You’ll find your thinking mind will become more and more calm and quiet, giving you time and space to rest, relax, have fun and be happy.
  • You’ll be able to start to love and respect your body again. So often, when it isn’t working as we expect we can become full of resentment, frustration and disappointment that our body doesn’t feel healthy. With The Journey, you will want to nourish your body, be kind to it and look after it well, encouraging great physical health.
  • You’ll be able to effortlessly uncover and clear old beliefs, expectations and habits that are sabotaging your healing.
  • You will create an internal environment in your body that supports it to heal.

Please trust, if you are reading this far, that you are in the right place. A part of you that is willing and ready to heal has guided you here for help, support and deep healing. One session will allow you to fully clear what is ready to be cleared. Your body will only reveal to you what you are ready to face in each process.

Journey Process


This amazing work can be used to address and resolve issues in any area of your life. Read more for some ideas of how it may help you.

  • You can learn how to safely express strong emotions such as grief, anger, stress or resentment and move forwards healthily.
  • Tackle your physical symptoms
  • Help you cope with trauma, illness or injury.
  • Replace old unhealthy belief systems and subconscious patterns with healthy, empowering new truths so you can make healthy life choices and live the life you want.
  • Address blocks to abundance in any area of your life.
  • Help you gain clarity when making difficult life choices.


The Journey gives your child the skills and confidence to overcome difficult situations and let their full potential shine through so they can smile again. Most children really ‘get’ the journey and just a single session can have a hugely positive effect on all areas of their life and yours.

For examples of how it may help you/your child.

  • They can learn how to safely express strong emotions e.g. grief, anger, stress, anxiety, fear and move forwards healthily.
  • Tackle their physical symptoms
  • Help them cope with trauma, illness or injury in a positive way, allowing a lifetime of effective handling of similar challenges.
  • Improving concentration, school performance, reducing ADHD symptoms and 'poor' behaviour.

Journey Massage

If you love hands on treatment and journey process work this is for you.

Nurturing touch will guide and support you as you go after your deepest core issues, clearing them out from every part of you, leaving you basking in the freedom, clarity and truth that remains. The hands on techniques take your journey process work to the next level so it is a requirement for you to do at least one seated journey process before this incredible process.


Optimising your body’s healing response

A holistic approach to identifying and addressing all the factors suppressing your body’s natural healing response and slowing down your recovery.

There are so many factors that disrupt our body’s natural ability to heal such as toxins and chemicals from our environments, stress, poor diet and poor sleep. You will be fully supported to take simple steps to minimise these so you make a more speedy recovery.